What to eat in Azrieli Mall Tel Aviv

Azrieli Mall is located in central Tel Aviv, and sees lots of visitors every day. The mall isn’t unique, but has a solid collection of stores – mainly fashion, but also gift shops, electronics, books, optics etc.

You won’t find any gourmet food here – it is a MALL, after all. Still, if you are looking for a quick lunch or a snack – you can find good eats in Azrieli.

The mall has two main food courts – one on each floor. The courts are circular, so it’s easy to make a few rounds and choose some food. There are, of course, no waiters, as most of the places are fast food joints. You may be able to sit on the bar in a few places, but mostly you’ll get your food on a tray, and sit wherever you please on the food court. There are a couple of cafe chains, in which you can sit and be served.

Be advised – during lunchtime and also during the weekends, the place is packed with citizens and soldiers who serve nearby, and come to the mall to eat. The restaurants are usually very efficient, but waiting in line is to be expected.

Here are some of the eateries of Azrieli Mall, Tel Aviv:

carmelis bagels

Carmelis Bagels – different kind of plump bagels with a huge variety of fillings and salads. The place is Kosher and doesn’t offer any meat – just vegetarian and dairy products. You can have a bagel toast with different kinds of cheese, a salad or even a breakfast. Prices are moderate – around 35-45 NIS for a bagel sandwich.

Roladin Azrieli Tel Aviv – if you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat. Roladin is a bakery and cafe, with dozens of branches all over Israel. It’s very popular, especially during holidays that include traditional baked goods, like Purim and Hanukkah. Roladin offers a variety of pastries, cakes, cookies, sandwiches, bread and coffee. This branch is located on the first floor of the Azrieli Mall – outside the food court.

Lehamim (Breads) – a very popular bakery in Israel, that has a small branch in Azrieli. It’s located on the first floor of the mall. The place offers great baked goods – savory and sweet. You can also grab a cup of coffee. Try the cheese sticks – you won’t regret it.

New Deli – a lovely, cheap sandwich shop. All sandwiches are made to-order, the ingredients are fresh and tasty and the staff is very friendly and efficient. The bread is freshly baked on the spot, and you can have a variety of hot or cold sandwiches – from meatballs to vegan kebab, chicken breast or pastrami. There are also snacks like chicken wings, french fries and onion rings. New Deli is on the first floor food court.

rebar azrieli tel aviv

Rebar – takes freshly squeezed juice to the next level. Special blends and mixes of fruit to suit any taste. There are hot and cold drinks, smoothie bowls, yogurt, shots and more. The possibilities are almost endless – from a melon, mint, lemon and apple shake to soy shakes and a hot bowl of oats and fruit. A relatively healthy choice for mall snacks! Located on the first floor.

Pikansin – your basic trashy, sugary, oily, Chinese junk food. Go ahead and enjoy it, we are not going to judge you! Pikansin is on the first floor food court.

Bayern Market – Bavarian street food – mainly artisan hot dogs. There are also hamburgers and a small selection of deserts. The place also offers beer, if you feel like it. Located on the 2nd floor food court.

Burger Ranch – while there are plenty of McDonalds around Israel, you might wanna try a different variety of fast-food burgers – the local one! Burger Ranch is an Israeli burger joint, which offers all of the familiar golden hits – burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries and onion rings. Try the Spanish Burger or a combination for 2-4 people. There’s also a vegan burger, and for desert – a deep fried chocolate pie. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds, and it’s still a popular munch here in Israel. First floor, food court.


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