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Greco is not a place for quite conversations - it's a party-on restaurant, full of noise and loud music. The restaurant believes each meal is a celebration.

Location: 25 Uri Tsvi Grinberg StreetWebsite: http://en.greco.co.il/Phone: 072-3929858



Olivery is an Italian restaurant, located in central Tel Aviv. It defines itself as a Sicilian Bistro and the menus revolves around pizzas.

Location: 137 Ibn Gabirol StreetWebsite: http://www.olivery.co.il/Phone: 03-5446076

M25 - Steakhouse


M25 is a place for meat aficionados - right in the heart of Hakarmel Market.



Barbunia is a little fish - Striped red mullet - and it is much loved by Israelis. Barboonya is a fish and seafood restaurant, located in central Tel Aviv.

Location: 163 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel AvivWebsite: http://barbunya.inforu.mobi/Phone: 03-5240961



Nam offers authentic Thailand cuisine, with a causal atmosphere. "Nam" means "falling water" - and it's really the sauce that's poured over the food. If you like spicy food - then Nam is the place for you.

Location: 275 Dizengoff Street, Tel AvivWebsite: https://namrestaurant.co.ilPhone: 03-6708050



A luxurious, expensive restaurant, located in the extravagant Sea & Sun housing area, right on the beach of one of Tel Aviv's beaches. If you are looking for a fancy restaurant with a sea view - Turkiz is the one for you.



Classic and modern Italian cuisine, led by Rafi Adar since 1988. Currently, the head chef is the

Location: Herzl 4, Tel AvivWebsite: http://www.pronto.co.il/he/home/a/main/Phone: 03-5660915

Osteria da Fiorela


Established in 1986, Osteria da Fiorela is a well-known and loved Italian Restaurant in the heart of

Location: 148 Ben Yehuda, Tel AvivWebsite: https://www.rol.co.il/sites/osteria-de-fiorella/Phone: 077-9967670
Captain Burger Closed nowOpens at 12:00 today

Captain Burger


Fresh smashed burgers, ground every day from high quality beef. Home made french fries and onion rings, and a variety of beers - that's Captain Burger.

Location: Ibn Gvirol 67, Tel AvivWebsite: https://captainb.co.ilPhone: 077-3630166

Falafel Tadmor


Falafel Tadmor is one of the oldest, most loved falafel joints in Tel Aviv. It's located in Salame street, deep in the heart of southern Tel Aviv.

Location: 98 Shalame Road, Tel AvivPhone: 03-6830154