What to eat in Tel Aviv?

Restaurants in Tel Aviv


Cordero prides itself for being deeply connected to the local culinary products and culture.

Location: 6 Yehieli streetWebsite: https://www.cordero.co.il/?lang=enPhone: 03-5178486


No matter how you decide to define Shila, it's considered one of the finest fish restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Location: 182 Ben Yehuda StreetWebsite: https://en.shila-rest.co.il/Phone: 03-5221224

Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly offers well-made Thai food. The restaurant is located in the high-tech center of Tel Aviv - Ramat Ha-Chayal

Location: 32 Habarzel StreetWebsite: https://tigerlilly.co.il/Phone: 1700-70-70-97


Casual Mexican food in the throbbing heart of south Tel Aviv.

Location: 28 LevontinWebsite: http://taqueria.co.il/Phone: 03-600-5280

Ze Sushi

Ze Sushi Tel Aviv offers contemporary Japanese food, based on fresh ingredients of great quality.

Location: 14 Ashtori HaFarhi StreetWebsite: http://www.zesushi.co.il/engPhone: 1-700-70-89-89


Lala is a Georgian bakery in Hacarmel Market, Tel Aviv.

Location: 42 Haim HavshushWebsite: https://www.instagram.com/lelatlv/