What to eat in Tel Aviv?

Restaurants in Tel Aviv


Magazzino is an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv. It's a pretty big restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner.

Location: 21 Menachem Begin RoadWebsite: http://www.magazzino.co.il/Phone: 03-7570535

Cafe Nordoy

Cafe Nordoy is situated at the Nordoy Hotel in Tel Aviv. It's a beautiful, classic, European-style restaurant with an amazing atmosphere

Location: 27 Nahalat Binyamin St.Website: https://nordoy.co.il/Phone: 050-3388833


Greco is not a place for quite conversations - it's a party-on restaurant, full of noise and loud music. The restaurant believes each meal is a celebration.

Location: 25 Uri Tsvi Grinberg StreetWebsite: http://en.greco.co.il/Phone: 072-3929858


Olivery is an Italian restaurant, located in central Tel Aviv. It defines itself as a Sicilian Bistro and the menus revolves around pizzas.

Location: 137 Ibn Gabirol StreetWebsite: http://www.olivery.co.il/Phone: 03-5446076

M25 - Steakhouse

M25 is a place for meat aficionados - right in the heart of Hakarmel Market.


Barbunia is a little fish - Striped red mullet - and it is much loved by Israelis. Barboonya is a fish and seafood restaurant, located in central Tel Aviv.

Location: 163 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel AvivWebsite: http://barbunya.inforu.mobi/Phone: 03-5240961